Linggo, Setyembre 6, 2015

Onesie+Onesie+Onesie+Onesie+Onesie= Love

I know, these onesies from -Pixicat- is quite "old" but trust me, these super cutie onesie will never really grow old. If my Av could talk, she will probably say that "this is really comfy" :p

I just really want to share with you these cutie onesies that me and my friends got. The gacha machine is in Pixicat's mainstore now along with the former gacha they had. Im pretty sure that ones you are there you won't probably stop playing all their cool stuffs! If you don't have one, be sure to get them and you won't regret. It probably fits non mesh and mesh bodies and heads too, there are sizes to choose from so it won't be a problem if youre all meshed or non mesh!


Onesies that we are wearing:
-Pixicat- Whimsical Onesies-75L$ per play at their Mainstore

From L-R: Whimsical Onesie Cat, Whimsical Onesie Cat, Whimsical Onesie Dog, Whimsical Onesie Skeletton, Whimsical Onesie Koala 
Here is the vendor for your reference :)

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