Lunes, Agosto 25, 2014

Summer Bloom

Summer is not yet over so before it ends let me show you Zanze's new release called "Callista Dress" in floral which is perfect for a typical summer day. I paired it with Hucci's new subscriber gift which I received today and the bracelet from Pure Poison that is becoming my ultimate favorite *giggles*, the watch WAS a free gift from Salvadoriparis and the earrings and necklace is a free gift from Earthstones that can be found in The Free Dove (it's a store full of gifts!). The hair that I'm wearing is a free group gift from Damselfly Hair that is also free to join! I dont know if this is a new group gift but it's new to my inventory *giggles*.

Anyway, check out Zanze's new mainstore and get a lot of new goodies! Don't forget to join the group and grab the gifts which are exclusive for members! Enjoy the last days of Summer ❤

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Damselfly Hair D'Ann Mesh- Group Gift in Mixed Pack, free to join
Earrings and Necklace: Earthstones Lora in Sunstone Gold- Gift at The Free Dove (not sure if it's still there)
Dress: Zanze Callista Dress in Floral- NEW RELEASE
Cuff: Pure Poison Danielle Cuff in Gold- Group Gift, free to join
Watch: Salvadoriparis DNA Golden Watch- No longer available
Pumps: Hucci Memphis Pumps- Group Gift/Subscriber Gift

Sabado, Agosto 23, 2014

Getting ready for a party!

It's the weekend and so it means not having to work for two days. It is very much awaited not only by the employees but by the students as well because weekend also means just chilling,hanging out and partying! And so for this weekend I am wearing Zanze's New Release called SAGE MINI, it is a beautiful mini dress that comes with different colors, this one I am wearing is called "Pansy". This dress is perfect for a weekend party as it is glimmering. I matched it with Pure Poison's Danielle Cuffs which are free group gifts, the cuffs come with two tones, the silver and the gold one, I opted the Silver one cos it looks better on the dress. Pure Poison's group is still open and they still offer past gifts. My hair, my eye makeup and my earrings and necklace are all from Zibska which are all part of the gift from the last Hair Fair. The Slink nail applier for my hands is from Glam Nails. Now I am all set to hit the clubs and party this weekend! I hope you enjoy your weekend as well *giggles*

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Zibska Nan Deux- Former Hair Fair Gift
Earrings and Necklace: Zibska Jolene- Former Hair Fair Gift
Eye Makeup: Zibska Galit Noir- Former Hair Fair Gift
Dress: Zanze Sage Mini in Pansy- NEW RELEASE!
Cuffs: Pure Poison Danielle Cuffs in Silver- Group Gift, Free to Join
Hands: Slink Elegant
Nails: Glam Nails Black Laces (check out the store and find more stuffs for affordable prices!)

Black Fair Goodies

What I'm wearing:
Hair: LeLutka Sienna Hair- Group Gift,free to join
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Rival Black Combo-1L$
Necklace: GABRIEL Angel Heart Necklace- Group Gift. free to join
Bracelet: Pure Poison Wicki Spikes Bracelet- Group Gift, free to join
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Night Out Dress- Gift from Black Fair
Shoes: Essenz Cancun Black- Gift from Black Fair

What I'm wearing:
Hair: +Spellbound+ Suspiria- Former Gacha Item
Eyes: .:Glamorize:. Rival Black eyes only
Lipstick: {Tilly!} Multi-Colored Lipstick-free!
Bracelet: Diamante Black and Silver Leather Bangles- Gift from Black Fair
Dress: -BubbleGoth- Summer Dress Beau- Gift from Black Fair
Shoes: Essenz Cancun Black- Gift from Black Fair

Hands and Feet: Slink Elegant Hands and Mid Feet

Lunes, Agosto 18, 2014

Sunday Date Night

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Elikatira Victoria- 99L$ (sale until 22nd of August)
Necklace: Pure Poison Beatrix Necklace- Group Gift, free to join
Cuffs: Pure Poison Danielle Cuffs Silver- Group Gift, free to join
Dress: Hilly Haalan Strapless Dress- Cosmopolitan Sale Room (CSR) Group Gift, free to join
Heels: GLAMISTRY Hyacinth White
Hands and feet: Slink Elegant Hands and High Feet

Sabado, Agosto 16, 2014

If I Were A Boy

What I'm wearing:
Hair: DURA Boy 44
Top: imMESHed Sta. Cruz Jacket
Pants: imMESHed Black Male Slouch Pants- 10L$ PROMO
Sneakers: Patriotic Series Chuck Black

What I'm wearing:
Hair: DURA Boy 44
Top: imMESHed Light Blue Mixed Shirt
Pants: Electric Feel-part of Mario Outfit
Shoes: GABRIEL Mesh Boat Shoes in White-group gift, free to join

What I'm wearing:
Hair: DURA Boy 35
Sweater: L E V E N C H Y Noir Sweater-1L$ demo/gift
Pants: imMESHed Urban Camo Male Slouch Pants
Sneakers: Energie All Star High Chucks Black-1L$

What I'm wearing:
Hair: DURA Boy 35
Tattoo: Kandy Tattoos Strong Gift ("What does not kill you,makes you stronger")
Pants: imMESHed Canvas Male Slouch Pants-group gift,10L$ joining fee
Sneakers: Energie All Star High Chuck Blacks-1L$

Modern Elegance

(A close-up view)

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Miamai Liny Hair-Hair Fair 2014 gift
Skin: Glam Affair Kallisto Cocktail Girl (bought during Fifty Linden Fridays)
Eyesliner: Ricielli Eyeliners 02-part of Valentine Hunt #10 (15L$ per hunt item-Almost all of the hunt items can be found in one part of the store)
Earrings: Modern Couture Carmela in Black- one of the items in fi*Friday (55L$)
Bangle: JUMO Honor Tribute Bangle in Onix-former free gift at The Hunger Games Tribute
Dress: Zanze Tivi Dress Geometric-Group Gift, 300L$ to join but you will get exclusive gifts for members
Sandal: ieQED Rose Sandal in Copper-former subscriber item
Hands and Feet: Slink Elegant Hands and High Feet
Pose: Agapee

Biyernes, Agosto 15, 2014

Getting Blue-d

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Mother Goose's Alison-on board, no need to join group
Teeth: TULI SKINS Parted lips Tattoo Layers-free
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jinx-free pastels pack
Top: RICIELLI Cropped Tie Front Shirt-part of Valentines Hunt Item #1, 15L$ per hunt item
Watch: 2PM Think about you-gacha item in store
Shorts: *MIMOSA* Dots Shorts-gift at the last Aloha Fair
Flats: 9TY Heart Love Black Flats
Pose: *EverGlow* Subscriber gift

Huwebes, Agosto 7, 2014

Springtime in Summer

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Elikatira Reva (they are currently on sale,99L$ per pack, until August 9)
Lipstick: R.icielli Lipstick 11/10-part of Christmas hunt item #12(15L$ per hunt box, the past hunt items are now in one part of the store)
Dress: K E L I N I Springtime Mesh Dress Ciel-free group gift, free to join

Miyerkules, Agosto 6, 2014

Stand For Love

Love. One thing that is very hard to explain or to define is the word "LOVE". We all have different definition for it, and sometimes we settle to that "Love is undefined." for we cannot really define it. Words don't seem enough to define it, it is more than words, a feeling no one can really fathom or explain. But what is Love?

Some people say that love is what makes this world round, but others will contradict it and say love is what makes this ride worthwhile... For me, love is more than just a physical relationship, it is more than "chemistry", more than lust, more than compatibility, it goes beyond all those, deeper than our faults and mistakes, and most of the time, it is more than a relationship between two opposite or same gender individuals. Love is everywhere, it is on the mother kissing her little one, on the father driving his children to school, it is visible on the grandparents taking care of their grandchildren, to a friend tapping his friend just to remind him that life is still good,it is when a stranger gives food to someone in need, helping people who cant pay you back, love is the warm embrace of a person to his pet.  Love is present in the things we want it to be. It may not be on the situation itself, but on how we look about it. Love exists, and love goes beyond what our eyes see and our heart feels. It is actually more than this world can ever give, cause anyone's love may cease, it may end. For whatever lies in this world has its beginning and its end. For me the Bible is right when it says God is love (1John 4:8) because honestly, I've never known anyone who loves me as much as Jesus does. Not that nothing bad happens in my life, there are lots actually, but most of the time these things are consequences of my actions...In my own view, JESUS IS LOVE because even when I sin against Him every single day, His love flows and His grace abounds that He forgives me when I ask for it, He blesses me even when I never prayed for it, He comforts when no one is and He just cares even when I don't even care about myself and loves me even when I can't love myself. People leave us behind, people forget to care but Jesus? He never did. He sometimes may seem not to care or hear us, but He is just always one prayer away. *smiles*

So today as I say STAND FOR LOVE, I stand for JESUS and HIS LOVE. The best love story ever told, a love unfathomable that surpasses any love that we know or will ever know.

For you, what is love? And what kind of love are you standing for? *smiles*

What I'm wearing:
Hair: LeLutka Effect Hair
Dress: K E L I N I Stand For Love- Free group gift, free to join
Jewelries: Lazuri Delia Set
Shoes: Glamistry Hyacinth- Free, no need to join group
Hand and Feet: Slink Elegant Hands and High Feet

Martes, Agosto 5, 2014

Tones of Pink

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: LoQ BerryJuice-75L$ Fatpack Promo!
Earrings: Ribbon Bow with Diamond-full perm gift,1L$
Eyeliner: .:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliners-Black eyeliners,4L$
Lashes:ATIA's High Drama Lashes-part of "Swag Bag" gift,free
Lipstick: R.icielli Lipstick Doll-freebie
Top: Addams Free Fitted Mesh Top(comes with a hud)
Belly Button Piercing: F I N E S M I T H Bow Belly Ring Color Set-1L$
Pants: +WEAR ME+ Menchie Jeans E-10L$ only!

Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

In Black and Gold

For some people, black is a morbid color, like it is a color of death, of defeat, of sadness and brokenness. But if combined with gold in it, it exudes elegance, grandeur and prosperity. A transition from "death" to a new "life" that denotes glamour and style.

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Maitreya Siri (not mesh)
Eyeshadow: Ricielli Eyeliners 02/Gold -Valentines Hunt item #10
Lashes: ATIA's High Drama Lashes-(part of the "Swag Bag" gift pack, free!
Top and Skirt: DIRAM Scarlet Armor and Skirt
(DIRAM is currently on Sale for Mesh Items*includes new release*)
Jewelry Set: .:JUMO:. Honor Tribute Jewelry Set- Free gift at O P I U M Evolution-Hunger Games Tribute
Shoes: [LF] Classic Heels Leather-group gift, free to join (different colors included)
Hand and Feet: Slink's Elegant Hands and High Feet