Biyernes, Hulyo 18, 2014

Black and White

Are Black and White Colors?

Well as they say, people have different perception about things. Others say that black is a color and white is not, the others say the opposite. But i found this link that may somehow(I hope) enlightens you if black and white are colors --->  Color Matters

What I'm wearing:
Hair: *DURA*-February group gift, free to join
Face accessory: F I N E S M I T H Watching-former gift, still free to join
Earrings, necklace and cuff: Zibska Kei- group gift, fee to join
Pants: +WEAR ME+ Shiny Cube Cropped Pants- 10L$ only!
Lipstick: Part of .:FLG:.'s former "Charlie Chapplin" outfit gift

Thank you to +WEAR ME+ !

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