Miyerkules, Hulyo 23, 2014

Summer Lovin'

I have never met a person who doesn't loves Summer. Like really, summer is one of the happiest season even for us who live in a tropical country where summer is much more likely to be hotter compared to others.. Summer is that time of the year when you will hit the beach, hang out with friends, bond with the family and just enjoy life. And so for this summer (at least in SL cause in my country it's past summer and already rainy season hahaha), I did a little "shopping" for swimsuit/bikinis..

What I'm wearing:
First Photo:
Hair: Rosy Mood Sooth- gift at Hair Fair-Noirette
Swimsuit: [TLG] Teal Halter Swimsuit- free gift

Second Photo:
Hair: EXILE After the Rain Sparkle- gift at Hair Fair-Redhead
Glasses: .::.Bella's Lullaby.::. Hipster Glasses- part of HipsterLook group gift (free to join)
Bikini: imMESHed Kiss Me High Waist Bikini
(check out the store and find more items that you will surely like and afford! *smiles*)

Third Photo:
Hair: LollipopZ Not'in'Love- gift at Hair Fair-Brunette
Bikini: NINETY Bikini Tribal Pink

Fourth Photo:
Hair: MINA Hair Astrid- former item at The Dressing Room FUSION
Glasses: VRSION LODE Amonia Mesh Glasses-group gift, free to join
Bikini: Has Been Board Walk Swimsuit Nautical- group gift, free to join (you will land at The Deck landing point, just look for Has Been store there *smiles*)

Hands and Feet: Slink

And here's a little Throwback song for you, which you will surely recognize! :)

Linggo, Hulyo 20, 2014

Jesy Dream

I've been checking out some blogs to be kept updated on the latest fairs, events, sales, freeebies and gift in SL and my SL mom told me about this site Seraphimsl where you will be updated on the latest of the latest. And I came across this post http://seraphimsl.com/2014/07/17/jesydream-summer-sale/ which is on sale in all items, 50% less, so I checked the store and really, I fell in love with all their outfits.

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: Analog Dog Pop Scotch-freebie at Hair Fair
Glasses: T.C. Kawaii Glasses in black-1L$
Top: [:: JesyDream ::] Simple Shirt "Light Orange"-50% less
Shorts: [:: JesyDream ::] Cotton Short White (2 Versions)-50% less
Heels: REIGN LC Heels-group gift,fee to join

Hair Fair SLUrls

Biyernes, Hulyo 18, 2014

Are you "MESHED"?

Hi! I am Fanta Loon, but my "birth" name in SecondLife is "maryaxang bluebird". I've been existing in Secondlife or SL for short for 5 years now, but I've been gone for many years. And just last year I came back, really shocked of how many things in SL changed. Like one of the biggest of which is wearing meshes.
Way back 2009, for more than a year I've been active in SL, I was used in wearing and using flexi and prims, I am contented with wearing such as long as it's free and really have a nice texture. Until I came back last year and almost everything turned to mesh.
It is both a good and bad thing for me. Good as it looks better than the former ones and bad as there are certain requirements for as long as mesh in SL innovates.
Anyway, since most of us are now wearing mesh(including clothes,hairs,body,face,mouth,breasts..almost anything you can think of that exists in SL).. Here's a little something about MESH.
Mesh is the capability to bring 3D models, known as meshes, created in third-party tools into Second Life. Mesh models enable more detailed, complex, realistic, and creative objects and avatars. Designers can use external software tools to design avatars and other content for use inworld. Avatar designs can be joint-rigged, allowing natural-looking animation without a need for extra scripting. mesh is of a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that define a 3D shape, usually made in a program external to SL, although there are in-world gadgets that allow one to convert prims to mesh (these do use an external program as part of the process as well).
Source:  Secondlife Wiki

And lately, even the new ones who are planing to join Secondlife can choose a whole meshed avatar..which if you are really new, will be a hard thing to understand since most of the free stuffs inworld that are found in freebie shops are still un-meshed. So I guess it is in our part(the older ones) to extend some help to the new ones, so they can make it through the innovating world of Secondlife.

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Essences Jamie Skin-gift for all
Off Shoulder Sweaters: imMESHed's Strawberry Jersey, Banana Jersey and Cupcake Cutie Jersey Off Shoulder sweater- great steals for only 10L$!
I suggest that you check out the marketplace store of imMESHed for more cool clothes and stuffs for very affordable prices and great quality :)
Glasses: Pure Poison Hipsteria Glasses-Xray Vision- Gacha item in store,50L$ per play
Bow: -LaViere- Candy Bow- 10L$ (comes with different colors, all for 10L$)
Cupcake hat: *Bliss Couture* Closing Hunt Gift #31- Cupcake Hat

Black and White

Are Black and White Colors?

Well as they say, people have different perception about things. Others say that black is a color and white is not, the others say the opposite. But i found this link that may somehow(I hope) enlightens you if black and white are colors --->  Color Matters

What I'm wearing:
Hair: *DURA*-February group gift, free to join
Face accessory: F I N E S M I T H Watching-former gift, still free to join
Earrings, necklace and cuff: Zibska Kei- group gift, fee to join
Pants: +WEAR ME+ Shiny Cube Cropped Pants- 10L$ only!
Lipstick: Part of .:FLG:.'s former "Charlie Chapplin" outfit gift

Thank you to +WEAR ME+ !

Huwebes, Hulyo 10, 2014

Oh Cropped!

Cropped pants or Capri pants or Capri is a common kind of garment we wear. It is comfortable to use for any casual day in any season. And since it is Thursday, here is a little "throwback" about it: 
Cropped pants are jeans, trousers, or capris that aren't full length. These short pants styles may end just below the knee or at the upper or mid calf. Capri cropped pants may end anywhere on the calf. Capris were named after the Isle of Capri on Italy's Amalfi Coast where they were first worn. Crop pants became very popular in the United States in the 1950s; they were known as clam diggers or pedal pushers. 
(source: wisegeek)
Capri pants were introduced by European fashion designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948. The pants' name derives from the Italian isle of Capri, where they rose to popularity in the late 1950s and early '60s.The American actress Grace Kelly was among the first movie stars who wore capris on the island. 
(source: wikipedia )
What Marbox is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* Tsubasa blacks
Necklaces: Pure Posion Boho Time Necklace- Group gift,free to join
                                           Teo Diamonds Necklace- Group gift, free to join
Bracelet: F I N E S M I T H ZMAN Watch Gold
Pants: +WEAR ME+ Cherry Silky Capris B- 10L$

Sabado, Hulyo 5, 2014

One Summer in a Romper

Romper amaze me, how it can be simple yet stylish, how it is comfortable to wear yet it looks really pretty. This one piece suit is just perfect for a casual summer day, for hanging out with friends, a walk in a park, going to the mall, hitting the beach or just staying at home. It's very cozy and casual that it fits for every summer occasion!

Oh, btw, these beautiful rompers are items we found in MP from the store named +WEAR ME+. They are surely a great steal! Items from that store ranges from 0L$(freebie) to 10L$! You should check the store cause their items are very much affordable and really great quality.

What we are wearing:
On Me(Maryaxang Bluebird A.K.A. Fanta Loon)
Romper: +WEAR ME+ Janika Rompers Pink- 10L$
Hair: :::Damselfly Hair::: Brandell Dark Browns- item in Cosmopolitan Sale Room, 70 L$
Hat: (a part of a gift from Prism named Cristi)
Bangles: Izzie's 80's Rainbow Bangles+80's Headband- 5L$
Shoes: Essenz Berlin Pink- former gift in Fashionart event

On Yuikha Resident
Romper: +WEAR ME+ Janika Rompers Lilac- 10L$
Hair: Lelutka
Jewelries: F I N E S M I T H

On Marbox Resident
Romper: +WEAR ME+ Janika Rompers Blue- freebie
Hair: Lelutka Rush Hair Fatpack- former gift
Bangles: Izzie's 80's Rainbow Bangles+80's Headband- 5L$

Hands and Feet: Slink

Thanks +WEAR ME+ !

What's your favorite color?

Again. What's your favorite color? Mine is Pink, baby pink or the pastel tone of pink to be exact.
Many people say that the color we choose says a lot about our personality, and I agree, it says a lot about us, but never and will ever define us. The color we choose may represent our view in life, our current state or emotion or simply our mood.
So why do you choose that color? Well, for me, I choose pink cause it's pretty. I don't know why, but pink really makes me feel that the world is cute and bubbly, like everything will be "fine" cause the world has pink. *giggles*

Oh, and here's the color psychology of pink:
This color represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing.A combination of red and white, pink contains the need for action of red, helping it to achieve the potential for success and insight offered by white. It is the passion and power of red softened with the purity, openness and completeness of white. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits. Pink is feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy. Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity.
In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.
Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people. Violent and aggressive prisoners have been successfully calmed by placing them in a pink room for a specified amount of time. Exposure for too long can have the opposite effect.The color pink puts people in touch with the nurturing side of themselves, through either the need to receive or the need to give, nurturing and TLC (tender loving care!).
Source: empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Tee*fy Galina Dress Classic- latest group gift (fee is 50L$ to join, but really cute gifts)
Hair: :::DAMSELFLY HAIR::: Tinsley II/Onyx-past gacha item that I found in Too Adorable~Gacha Resale Park
Hair Bow: -LaViere- Candy Bow Original- 10L$
Earrings: KRY.moda Full Perm Ribbon Bow with Diamond- 1L$ gift
Ring: :Moon Amore: Amore Ring
Bracelet: [LW] Bracelet with Lace- 1L$ gift
Sandals: C A N D Y D O L L Raviosa- Group gift (fee to join)
Cat: Alchemy/birdy Sassy Cat Siamese boy- item I also found in Too Adorable
 Hands and Feet: Slink- Elegant Hands and Mid Feet

Martes, Hulyo 1, 2014

Farewell to the Solstice of Summer

Today, the calendars have turned as we bid farewell to the month of June. Another month has passed and another one is starting, hopefully this one will be better and more productive than the last. And as we bid farewell to the past month, we bid farewell as well to one of the amazing things that happen to nature.. "Summer Solstice".
  1. Solstice is either of the two times in the year, the summer solstice and the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.
Summer solstice happens just once a year, on the 21st day of the month of June, it is the longest day as the sun reaches its highest point in. It is something amazing for me; The world has many things yet to unfold and many secrets yet to reveal. Doesn't it amazes you how it happens only one day yet the summer is long?
Probably "No", probably "Yes" but I guess most of the time we don't really care. I guess that's us, that's how people are, we take things for granted that when time comes we give notice to them,they're gone.

There are lots of wonderful things that happen around us, but we give little or no attention to them. We forget nature and how amazing God made it. We forget many things as we are too much occupied with lots of things that actually sometimes when you think of it, they don't really matter. Oh well, just like our old saying goes "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi." (Regret comes in the end)

What I'm wearing:
Swimsuit: :::RF::: Swimsuit Vivi - free gift at FabFree HQ, no group needed
(but you can join the Fabulously Free in SL group to be updated on gifts, freebies, hunts and sales around the grid, and you can also check their blog.)
Hand and Feet: Slink- Elegant and Mid
Hands and feet slink applier: !Nail Me! Slink Av Enhancement- free gift at FabFree HQ
Hair: Clawtooth Boardwalk Breeze Orange-former item at the last The Arcade Gacha Event