Lunes, Hunyo 30, 2014

Home Sweet Home

A house and a home may look the same but they have different meanings. A house can be just a structure while a home is more than just one. Home goes deeper than a house; there are lots of beautiful houses in the world that cannot be called home, and then there are those that looks humble but it is a home. A home has a heart, not just walls, foundation and everything that makes it. And sometimes, a home is just right there beside the one you love.

For almost 5 years I've been just a passerby in everyone's home in SL. No family, no friends that I can truly say are my friends. In those years, I never belong to a home. I may lived in a few house, but they were never my home. They were never those that I know I could go and rest and just be me at the end of the day. Until one day God gave me a family, a home, and a bonus in the form of a house.

Up there is my humble home, where there is love, friendship,understanding and acceptance. My family is never perfect,we are all weird actually..but even in our imperfections, we love.

Now I have more than a cute little house, I have a home within it. :)

House: Simple Things and Forever Summer The Beachcomber's Cabin- free MP gift (18LI,6x17)
Dining set: ~BAZAR~ Good Morning Set- 1L$ gift
String of Lights: {what next} Bulb String Lights- 10L$
Floor Lanterns: {what next} 'Serendipity Garden' Iridescent Lanterns- 10L$
Relaxing Garden Lounge: Cleo Designs at The Cookie Jar House and Garden Village- 10L$
Orchid in Bloom: *ZG* at the Cookie Jar House and Garden Village

Wall Book Shelf: imMESHed Love & Hope Bookshelf-(could be use separately or both)
Bed: [*Art Dummy!] Slumber bed (a yardsale item at TOO ADORABLE~ Gacha Resale Park)- 45L$
Chandelier: {what next} Laurel Chandelier- 10L$
Desk Lamp (beside bed): *OT Pop Desk Lamp
Books (besdie bed): BananaN Full Perm Book w/Texture (can't find it in MP, but try inworld)
*The bed-side chest where the desk lamp and books are is a packaging from {what next}*
Spring Daybed: Just Janine's at the Cookie Jar House and Garden Village
Mannequin: {what next} Paperdoll Mannequin- free gift
Roll Top Desk: Cleo Designs at the Cookie Jar House and Garden Village-10L$
Floor Lamp: *OT Pop Floor Lamp
Wall decal with photos: The Broker Art House Cherry Tree Memories- 9L$
Tiki Rug: BEDS AND FURNITURE DESIGNS Tiki Multi-pose Rug- 10L$
*Join The Cookie Jar group for free to grab the wonderful gifts in the land*

Find more goodies for homes here: The Cookie Jar House and Garden Village

Linggo, Hunyo 29, 2014

Oh M!

I was browsing through my inventory for something to wear(and blog) for today and I came up with this outfit from two of the stores that I really love. My top is from Miamai, I so love their creations from their hairs to their gowns! Wish I could buy everything in the store *grins* And the skirt I have on is this very feminine high-waist skirt from  =MODA= (I actually reckon that this skirt used to be free,and so is Miamai's group join, until one day....the skirt is gone and Miamai has a fee). But seriously speaking, joining both group is worth it. These two designers are just few of the best designers and creators in SL, check their stores for yourself if you have time. *smiles*

What I'm wearing:
Hair: *Alice Project* Leila (blondes)- Mini Mania  (no group needed)
Top: Miamai Kalia Silk in Peach- Current gift (currently 50L$ to join)
Skirt: =MODA= DESIGNS Annette Pencil Skirt
Hands: Slink Elegant
Shoes: N-Core CUORE Pink Floral- Former gift (50L$ to join)

The Succubus in Me

"Succubus".It is actually my first time to hear that word. I thought it's just a clever name for an elegant yet very sexy gown that a creative designer would come up with. But I guess it is a part of me to be curious what could be the reason why people would come up with such uncommon term for me so I googled it and this what it actually means.

succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.
I guess there's a succubus inside me, inside all of us. We may not be supernatural or who looks like a demon or anything, as a woman there's a succubus inside all of us. Lust is something every person has, only some people knows how to control theirs, but surely everyone has it.

What I'm wearing:
Gown: *{Junbug}* The Succubus in Worn- uncommon gacha item, 50L per play
Jewelry: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Jewelry Set (white)
Hair: Analog Dog Ladonna Nutmeg- freeball item (free, no group needed)
Hands: Slink Elegant